MRS 2020 Award Winners​ for International Research

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We offer an unfiltered view of people and culture

We are a group of ethnographers, market researchers, filmmakers, anthropologists and behavioural scientists

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We help our clients succeed by identifying previously unseen opportunities

Sector Expertise

We tailor our ethnography to your business. We have developed an approach for each of our key sectors.

Consumer products:

Mapping behaviour, changing behaviour:

We specialise in analysing and changing behaviour. Certain biases and heuristics can make people act ‘irrationally’, and by identifying these in ethnographic research, we can help our clients change consumer behaviour. Our approach to FMCG research is to focus on the individual and the context in which they live, in order to establish how products could realistically fit into their lives.


Putting the patient first

Our ethnography allows pharmaceuticals to become more patient-centric and uncovers meaningful and profitable ways for their brand to enrich people’s lives. We specialise in patient ethnography, using principles from medical anthropology. We help clients understand disease impact on everyday life, disease management, the patient journey, medication usage, and unmet patient needs. Our research guides the development of patient support services.


Researching the future of mobility

Disruption in the automotive industry – electrification, automation and shared mobility – is not new. But designing for the future driver, owner, or rather, user, is becoming increasingly challenging. Our approach goes beyond what people are telling us about their own future: it observes their present day behaviour to see what is possible and what is not. Learning from those ahead of the curve about their journeys and their everyday lives allows us to better predict future habits.

Financial services

Bringing the customer into the boardroom

Both consumers and small businesses follow automated, subconscious processes when making financial decisions. These are not easy to verbalise to an outsider. To capture a complete picture of the influences behind their thinking, we examine their financial behaviours as well as their wider lives. Our financial services work has delivered white space for innovations, as well as fundamental insight to improve products and services.